Eastern Europe: Eastern European “Salade Nicoise”

fish course

After Zwack hour(s?) we were ready for some solid sustenance.  The opener was a beautifully interpreted course of smoked fish.  Smoked fish is a major part of cuisine throughout Eastern Europe.  Some might find it to be heavy and traditional, but in this recipe, Dave gave us a lighter and more modern, delightful presentation.

Eastern European “Salade nicoise”


Two different smoked fish (used trout and Alaskan black cod/sable)
Hard boiled egg, sliced
Red radishes sliced thin, preferably by mandolin
Persian cucumbers sliced thin, preferably by mandolin
Finely diced serranos
Fresh dill
Lemon vinaigrette


Set up (individual serving): Put the two fish on opposite sides of the plate. Then put 2-3 slices of egg on each fish, then 5-7 slices of cucumber, 4-6 slices of radish, sprinkle some of the diced serrano (to taste) over the salad, then some dill sprigs and finally just a spoonful of vinaigrette.

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