Eastern Europe: Chicken and Wild Mushroom Blintzes


Ever the culinary perfectionist, Dave did not deign to serve the Supperclub pre-made blintzes. Instead, he took a few moments to excuse himself to the kitchen to prepare this next, lovely course.  The rich aroma of butter was seductive, so much so that the less wise of us asked for two, not one, of these decadent blintzes upon their arrival to the table.

Chicken and Wild Mushroom Blintzes by David Tanis (modified)

Serves 8 -10.


Note from Dave: I changed the mushrooms to use porcini and crimini instead of chanterelles. I also tripled (!) the blintze (crepe) recipe.

Eastern Europe: Eastern European “Salade Nicoise”

fish course

After Zwack hour(s?) we were ready for some solid sustenance.  The opener was a beautifully interpreted course of smoked fish.  Smoked fish is a major part of cuisine throughout Eastern Europe.  Some might find it to be heavy and traditional, but in this recipe, Dave gave us a lighter and more modern, delightful presentation.

Eastern European “Salade nicoise”


Two different smoked fish (used trout and Alaskan black cod/sable)
Hard boiled egg, sliced
Red radishes sliced thin, preferably by mandolin
Persian cucumbers sliced thin, preferably by mandolin
Finely diced serranos
Fresh dill
Lemon vinaigrette


Set up (individual serving): Put the two fish on opposite sides of the plate. Then put 2-3 slices of egg on each fish, then 5-7 slices of cucumber, 4-6 slices of radish, sprinkle some of the diced serrano (to taste) over the salad, then some dill sprigs and finally just a spoonful of vinaigrette.

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