Welcome to the Spicebox Supperclub!

spiceboxmasala dabba, a traditional container used by Indian cooks to organize and store spices

supperclub– an eating establishment that functions as a social club; a pop-up restaurant; a speakeasy

We’re a group of four couples in San Francisco who share a love of food, travel, adventure and conversation. To be clear, we really, really love food.  Several of us have been known to fly across the oceans in pursuit of one particular meal.  One of us is the author of SpiceboxTravels.com, a food and travel blog.  While we all enjoy eating in restaurants, the idea for our supper club came about from a member who has vivid memories of his parents’ supper club in the ’70s, enigmatic adult-only dinner parties that would last into the wee hours of the morning.  We’re reviving the model and planning quarterly themed dinner parties.  As might be expected from people who travel to eat, we can be a bit fanatical in our menu planning, and we’ll be sharing our menus, recipes, and stories here.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for themes for upcoming events. Thanks for joining us!

-the Spicebox Supperclub

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