Spicebox Supperclub: Mexico


It’s been embarrassingly long since the last Spicebox Supperclub update! But we’re back! We’ve actually had two Supperclubs since our last foray to Eastern Europe.  Without further ado, here’s an overview of Supperclub #5: Mexico, which was on November 22, 2014.


Hosts: Heather and Nalin

Executive Chef: Nalin

Bartender: Peter

Sommelier: Chris

Pastry Chef: Dave




The Perfect Margarita


Amuse Bouche:

Pico de Gallo-stuffed cherry tomato with cilantro purée


Shrimp with guajillo salsa

Amalaya Torrotnes Riesline 2012 Argentina

Palate Cleanser:

Tricolor of radish in apple cider vinegar, jicama in lime juice and cucumber in lemon juice


Taco with shiitake and beech mushrooms with pastas, red cabbage, onion and quest anejo

Crisopa Albariño 2011 Spain

Corona bean soup with roasted tomato and ancho chiles

Muga Rioja Rose 2013 Spain

Palate Cleanser:

Watermelon ice with tequila and salt

Chicken with green carretero mole dusted with smoked ground clove

Pickled red onion

Corn with bell pepper and lime

Romaine with topolobampo

Villa Montefiori Cabernet-Sangiovese Mexico 2009

Purple Angel Chile 2011


Rick Bayless’ Pineapple Flan with Lime Zest

Mexican Wedding Cookies

Mango Dipped in Cayenne and Dark Chocolate

Tequila Pineapple

Raventos i Blanc Cava


The setting was stunning.  Hosts Heather and Nalin have spent the year getting their house remodeled, so this fiesta was held in their super swanky Telegraph Hill rental.  The luxurious furnishings and to-die-for views of San Francisco added to the convivial atmosphere.




Up next: cocktail hour! Come back soon to savor mixmaster Peter’s Mexican themed cocktails.

4 thoughts on “Spicebox Supperclub: Mexico

  1. Thanks to Linda for posting about the meal! I wanted to give a brief background to the choice for the dinner. I had grown up with spicy Indian foods; and I’ve always enjoyed the riot of flavors that went into the many different curries and masalas. It wasn’t until quite recently that I discovered about the equally interesting and complicated spices that are used in Mexican cuisine. In particular, I had always wanted to explore the various chiles that are used in many different ways in Mexico. So, I had a good time wandering through a couple of Mexican stores in the Mission (La Palma, in particular) choosing interesting ingredients. I owe thanks to Rick Bayless and his cookbook for showing the way for an inexperienced cook. I’ll add some notes to future posts.

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